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Optiblend® has installed kits on Caterpillar®, Cummins®, Kohler®, MTU®, John Deere®, Mitsubishi®, and many other diesel generators. These manufacturers provide primary power generation solutions to Oil & Gas drilling and pumping operations around the world. These same power generators are used as emergency power solutions for hospitals and cold storage warehouses to ensure power disruption does not cost lives or create problems in food supply. Dual fuel power generators evolved out of the need to reduce diesel consumption, reduce fuel costs, increase runtime, and reduce CO2 / NOx and PM emissions. Diesel power generators enable remote operations where no power grid exists to extract resources, maintain livable habitat, mechanize processing, or refrigerate to prevent food spoilage.

dual fuel generators oil and gas industry

Diesel power generators are important tools for the oil and gas industry as the power source for remote drilling and pumping operations. Constant supply of diesel to keep production running is a logistical issue in countries where infrastructure is primitive, weather is a factor, and location may make access difficult. The oil and gas industry is leveraging dual fuel technology to reduce diesel fuel needs by partially replacing diesel with product from the well itself.

dual fuel generators hospitals and medical care facilities

Hospitals, medical facilities, labs, hospice care, and elder care facilities have varying levels of always-on power requirements. Certain life-sustaining medical equipment is of primary concern. Medical facilities also rely on refrigeration to maintain perishable medications and blood and plasma supplies, as well as access medical records which have transitioned almost entirely to digital format.

dual fuel generators for disaster response

Hurricanes, flooding, wild fires, earthquakes, and other natural disasters often leave millions of people without power for extended periods of time. Rescue and recovery is hampered if local power sources are unavailable. First responders, utility crews, and cleanup organizations all require access to electrical power to accomplish their mission. Temporary living quarters, dining facilities, and medical clinics all rely on emergency power generation to serve the needs of the displaced.

dual fuel generators equipment dealers

Diesel power generators are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Each industry, site, and specific application has demand, output, emission, noise, and vibration requirements from engineers, regulatory bodies, and local ordinances. These requirements may influence the placement of the generator, fuel tanks, testing schedules, run times, and tasking. Professional dealers have personnel on staff who can guide you through the process and connect you with specific experts who can advise you on the latest laws, regulations, and ordinances to ensure you select, install, and run the right power solution for your needs.

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