Bi-Fuel Kohler Generator Disaster Relief

Bi-fuel Kohler Generator Disaster Relief

Many organizations and facilities use Kohler power generators to provide continuous power in disaster relief efforts. Law enforcement, search and rescue teams, and others also use these generators for other emergency response purposes. To help maximize their efficiency, operators can convert their Kohler generators with bi-fuel retrofit kits to allow for optimal usage of diesel fuel.

Bi-fuel Kohler Generators

It’s possible to retrofit traditional diesel-only Kohler generators to convert them into bi-fuel generators. While natural gas is the most common supplemental fuel, other varieties of gaseous fuels (propane, wellhead gas, LNG, etc.) can be used as well. Using a combination of components, operators can control the gas-to-air ratio of these generators, enabling them to operate at full power with reduced diesel fuel consumption.

Bi-fuel Kohler & OptiBlend®

Kohler has become one of the largest industrial generator manufacturers in the world. The company provides high-quality generators that work in many disaster relief, emergency response, and power restoration applications.

OptiBlend® helps maximize the efficiency of Kohler generators using an innovative system that introduces natural gas as additional energy into the generator’s intake air stream. As a result, the generator can generate the same power as needed without using as much diesel fuel.

The specific equipment OptiBlend® uses includes a gas train that supplies the natural gas, an air-gas mixer (AGM), and fuel control valve (FCV) that maintain a precise air-to-gas ratio. A programmable logic control (PLC) allows for complete control over the system. Together, these core components form an efficient system that helps disaster relief efforts get the power they need while requiring less diesel.

OptiBlend® + Reps That Work on Kohler Power Generators

OptiBlend® has many representatives across the country who can help retrofit Kohler generators with our innovative solution. We can service customers across all 50 states, along with those in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

Bi-fuel Kohler Diesel Generators Used in Natural Disaster Response and Relief

Disaster response and relief efforts benefit from the use of bi-fuel Kohler diesel generators. OptiBlend® technology allows for a reduced diesel fuel consumption, which translates into extended runtime for generators when diesel supplies may be limited.

Kohler Diesel Power Generator Applications

There are many potential applications for Kohler diesel power generators and bi-fuel solutions using OptiBlend®. These applications include:

First Responders

Teams of first responders often use Kohler generators for search and rescue efforts and to power temporary medical sites or shelters.


Facilities may use Kohler generators in many capacities. For example, plants may use them for pumping or purifying water. Other facilities may use them to power refrigerated storage units containing food or other perishable items. Logistics applications also frequently use these generators for supplying warehouse power and other areas along the supply chain.


Sewage treatment, water, communications, and other utilities rely on Kohler power generators.

Medical Care Facilities

Hospitals and other medical care facilities use diesel generators for everything from medication storage and electronic records management to patient care and monitoring equipment, HVAC systems, oxygen generation, and coordination.

Want to learn more about how OptiBlend® can help you optimize your Kohler generator’s efficiency? Contact us today to get in touch with a rep to get started.

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