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Bi-Fuel Generators: The Nuts and Bolts

The efficiency of your power generation is highly dependent on the type of fuel you use. Traditional generators use a single fuel source, which limits their efficiency and flexibility. But with OptiBlend® bi-fuel retrofit kits, you can enjoy the benefits of two different fuel sources in a single generator.

What is Bi-Fuel Power Generation?

Bi-fuel power generation uses a single generator and two fuel sources, typically diesel and a gaseous fuel such as natural gas. This combination offers greater efficiency, flexibility, and cost savings than traditional diesel-only generators.

Why Consider Bi-Fuel Power Generation?

There are several reasons why you should consider bi-fuel power generation. Here are four key reasons to use a bi-fuel generator:

#1. Greater Efficiency

Switching between fuels based on demand means using the more cost-effective fuel source at any given time while maintaining the same power output. This switching can result in significant cost savings

#2. Reduced Costs

Using natural gas, typically cheaper than diesel or propane, saves you money on fuel costs. Also, you can avoid buying additional fuel and reduce downtime by extending the runtime of the generator.

#3. Environmental Benefits

Bi-fuel generators produce fewer emissions than traditional generators, making them a more eco-friendly option. Using natural gas can reduce your carbon footprint leading to a cleaner environment.

#4. Improved Flexibility

Bi-fuel generators offer greater flexibility than traditional generators because they can switch between fuels based on demand. This capability can be particularly beneficial during fuel shortages or price spikes.

How Do I Determine if Bi-Fuel Power Generation Applies to Me?

Determining if a bi-fuel generator is what you need can take time and effort. Here are three key considerations:

  • Energy demand: Bi-fuel generators are ideal for high energy demand applications such as data centers, hospitals, and industrial facilities.
  • Fuel availability: Bi-fuel generators require access to diesel and another gaseous fuel such as LNG, CNG, field gas, or natural gas. If it’s not easy for you to access diesel and a gaseous fuel source, a bi-fuel generator may not be a viable option.
  • Retrofitting vs. replacement: If you already have a traditional generator, you can retrofit it to make it bi-fuel compatible. However, if you’re looking to buy a new generator, buying a new bi-fuel generator from the start may be more financially savvy.

Can You Calculate Your Benefit?

A bi-fuel calculator can help you determine cost savings, extended runtimes, and CO2 offsets based on your energy demand, fuel costs, and generator runtime. By switching to bi-fuel power generation, you can realize significant benefits.

Wrapping Up: Why Use Bi-Fuel Generators?

Bi-fuel power generation is revolutionizing power generation. Bi-fuel generators offer greater efficiency, flexibility, and cost savings than traditional generators. They do this by combining the benefits of blending a gaseous fuel and diesel. If you’re considering bi-fuel power generation, you can use a bi-fuel calculator to see how much you can save.

An OptiBlend® bi-fuel conversion/retrofit system can help you achieve greater efficiency and cost savings in your power generation. Moreover, you can use our calculator to determine your cost savings, extended runtimes, and CO2/NOx offsets. Contact us to learn how OptiBlend® can help you save on costs and reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Bi Fuel Gas Train Bi-Fuel Diesel Engine Conversion - OptiBlend bi-fuel retrofit system uses a gas train & electronic software device to constantly monitor engine performance & gaseous flow for safe & efficient operation.
  • Bi Fuel Gas Train Bi Fuel System Components - OptiBlend bi-fuel retrofit system uses a gas train & electronic software device to constantly monitor engine performance & gaseous flow for safe & efficient operation.
  • bi fuel diesel gas train OptiBlend : Bi-Fuel Engine - OptiBlend bi-fuel technology optimally retrofits 200-2000 kVA, doubling runtime while significantly reducing operations cost. ROI is often within the first year of operation.

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