Bi-Fuel Diesel Natural Gas Power Generator Conversion

Bi-fuel Diesel Natural Gas Power Generator Conversion

One way to get the most from your diesel power generator is to convert it to a bi-fuel generation system. Bi-fuel diesel natural gas power generator conversion entails turning a conventional diesel power generator into a power source running on a combination of natural gas and diesel. The result of this conversion is potentially increased energy efficiency, extended runtimes for generators, and cost savings for many applications.

Bi-fuel Conversion Kit

There are several advantages to using a bi-fuel conversion kit to allow diesel engines to run on diesel and natural gas simultaneously. These benefits include:

  • Reduced Costs — One of the main benefits is cost savings, as natural gas costs less to use than diesel. Replacing some of the diesel with natural gas thereby reduces cost.
  • Extended Runtimes — Additionally, you benefit from an extended runtime as your diesel supplies last longer, helping you make the most of your available diesel supply in situations where getting more diesel could be problematic.
  • Reduced Emissions — One added benefit of using bi-fuel power generators is the ability to reduce emissions such as CO2, particulate matter, NOx, SOx, and other harmful emissions, making these solutions more sustainable than traditional diesel power generation.

A Brief History of Diesel and Bi-Fuel Power Generators

Diesel fuel has been a popular fuel source for power generators since to the late 19th century. By the early 20th century, in 1939, the first bi-fuel engines came about, with Great Britain’s National Gas and Oil Engine Co. producing the first commercial dual-fuel engine.

Today, many organizations and others recognize the benefits of using a bi-fuel setup with natural gas over diesel fuel alone for power generation. As such, bi-fuel power generators continue to grow in popularity in the U.S. and across the globe.

Over the years, it’s become possible to convert diesel-only power generators into bi-fuel generators using innovative conversion kits, such as those available from OptiBlend®. This type of conversion involves using multiple components including a gas train, air gas mixer (AGM), and fuel control valve (FCV) to retrofit diesel engines to accommodate natural gas in a bi-fuel capacity.

Diesel Power Generators

Today’s diesel power generator manufacturers continue to sell large numbers of units and earn billions in revenue all over the world. Brands like Caterpillar, MTU, Kohler, John Deere, Cummins, and Generac supply customers in the U.S. and worldwide, enabling everyone from large corporations to the average consumer to benefit from reliable power supplies using diesel fuel.

If you want to use bi-fuel in place of diesel fuel alone, it’s possible to do so by either retrofitting an older diesel power generator or converting a new diesel engine. OptiBlend® makes it easy and cost-effective to retrofit your existing engine using our conversion kit.

OptiBlend® Diesel – Natural Gas

Natural gas comprises many types of fuel sources, including wellhead gas, methane, and hydrogen. Its availability and low cost make it ideal for use in power generators to optimize fuel efficiency and reduce operating costs.

With an OptiBlend® conversion kit, you can easily retrofit your diesel-only power generator to run on a combination of diesel fuel and natural gas. Our solution is suitable for 200kW to 2000kW applications to meet our customers’ needs. While our solutions are ideal for stationary and continuous power generation, they are not intended for applications with variable-speed engines, such as tractors, earth movers, and other types of vehicle applications.

The results of using our conversion kit for your power generation needs can include maximized runtime for diesel generators, reduced emissions, and reduced costs. We offer installation and a training process to help you get the best results from your conversion.

If you would like to get started with an OptiBlend® bi-fuel diesel natural gas power generator conversion, contact our engineering team and we’ll help you calculate the benefits today.

  • Bi Fuel Gas Train Bi-Fuel Diesel Engine Conversion - OptiBlend bi-fuel retrofit system uses a gas train & electronic software device to constantly monitor engine performance & gaseous flow for safe & efficient operation.
  • Bi Fuel Gas Train Bi Fuel System Components - OptiBlend bi-fuel retrofit system uses a gas train & electronic software device to constantly monitor engine performance & gaseous flow for safe & efficient operation.
  • bi fuel diesel gas train OptiBlend : Bi-Fuel Engine - OptiBlend bi-fuel technology optimally retrofits 200-2000 kVA, doubling runtime while significantly reducing operations cost. ROI is often within the first year of operation.

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