Optiblend® Bi-Fuel Diesel Engine Conversion

OptiBlend® Bi-fuel Diesel Engine Conversion

With the help of OptiBlend® bi-fuel diesel engine conversion kits, you can reduce the use of diesel fuel in power generators and subsequently reduce the costs associated with it. The OptiBlend® conversion kit consists of multiple components that introduce natural gas to a diesel generator’s intake air stream. The diesel combustion within the engine ignites this gas, enabling it to supply additional energy to the engine. As a result of this mechanism, the engine doesn’t need as much diesel fuel to run at full operating power.

OptiBlend® Bi-fuel Conversion Kit

When using the OptiBlend® bi-fuel diesel engine conversion kit, you harness the power of multiple high-quality components to retrofit diesel-only power generators and turn them into bi-fuel power sources.

Our complete solution offers a few main benefits, including:

  • Cost Savings — You can reduce the costs of generating power by replacing diesel fuel with different types of gaseous fuels, such as methane, wellhead gas, and hydrogen. Doing so helps save money on power generation because these fuels are much cheaper than diesel.
  • Extended Runtime — One of the key advantages of bi-fuel diesel engine conversion is the ability to reduce the use of diesel fuel when combined with natural gas. The reduced reliance on diesel fuel enables you to run power generators for longer periods without consuming as much diesel fuel, helping you make the most of your available supply.
  • Reduced Emissions — The reduced production of CO2, NOX, and other types of emissions during power generation make bi-fuel conversion ideal for increasing your operation’s sustainability.

OptiBlend® has designed and developed a unique and reliable solution to convert diesel power generators and their engines into bi-fuel generators that use both diesel fuel and natural gas to maximize fuel efficiency and sustainability.

Diesel Power Generators

You can use the OptiBlend® bi-fuel diesel engine conversion kit on several types of engines from top brands, including Caterpillar, Cummins, Generac, Kohler, MTU, and John Deere. Our solutions work with constant-speed power generators that maintain a steady flow of energy, but they are incompatible with variable-speed diesel engines used in applications such as transportation and heavy equipment.

The following are a few of the primary applications that benefit from using our bi-fuel engine conversion kits:

Remote Sites

If a remote site requires power generation, our conversion kits will meet your unique requirements. Our conversion solutions are ideal for power generators in locations such as temporary search and rescue sites, medical sites, and shelters that need long-lasting power generation.

Emergency Power

Many residences and facilities require emergency power in the event of a surge or outage of any kind. They may also need long-lasting power supplies while operating using limited diesel fuel supplies. Bi-fuel engine conversion ensures that power generators last as long as needed by reducing diesel fuel usage while helping cut down on power generation costs.

Disaster Relief

Hurricanes and other types of disasters can cause outages and create the need for temporary shelter and supply facilities. Bi-fuel generators can facilitate disaster relief and restoration efforts through the supply of long-lasting and efficient power.


Our bi-fuel diesel engine conversion solution consists of several components, including a gas train, air gas mixer (AGM), fuel control valve (FCV), and control panel. Together, these components combine to help convert diesel power generators into more efficient bi-fuel generators.

The OptiBlend® bi-fuel diesel engine conversion solution works with the bulk of 200kW to 2000kW applications. You’ll benefit from reduced operational expenses, less emissions, and longer runtimes.

We also offer installation and training services to help you get the most from your conversion solution. If you would like to learn more about our conversion kit and the benefits that come with it, contact our engineering team today.

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