Industries & Applications

Oil and Gas

Heavy duty drilling and pumping costs millions of dollars per year.

Oil and gas companies love OptiBlend® for the money we can save.  Our systems withstand engine load fluctuations, high vibrations, and extreme cold so they’re perfect for rigs and pumping sites anywhere in world and most environments.

Hospital & Data Centers

Lack of electricity can mean loss of life or security breaches.

Hospitals and data centers cannot be without power, especially during harsh storms and natural disasters. That’s why they rely on OptiBlend® for their backup power applications. By running primarily on natural gas, hospitals and data centers can extend their diesel supply until power or diesel deliveries are restored.

Remote Sites

Sites with limited diesel availability can have power longer with dual fuel.

OptiBlend® provides prime power to remote sites longer than would be possible with diesel fuel alone.

Small Businesses

Dual fuel takes up less space while providing the same run time.

Businesses that have limited space for diesel storage use OptiBlend® to meet the regulations or desired amount of backup power generation time.

Urban Locations

Dual fuel satisfies green initiatives.

Companies in urban settings use OptiBlend® with their backup power system to meet environmental requirements.

Equipment Dealers

We work with engine resellers to install OptiBlend® kits on engines from Caterpillar®, Cummins®, Kohler®, MTU, John Deere®, Mitsubishi®, and others.

Why it's Better.

Learn why OptiBlend® is the answer to lower fuel costs, improve emissions, and increase runtime.

OptiBlend :: Savings & CO2 Offset Calculator
Generator Size (KW)
Generator Load
Gallons / hr
$ / Gallon
$ / Hour
$ / Day
$ / Year
CO2 total lbs

*calculation assumes 70% displacement, 1 Gallon CNG = 5.66lbs , Diesel Equivelant = 6.384 lbs
**calculations are based on your input data and are approximations