Bi Fuel Gas Train


Bi-Fuel Gas Train

The OptiBlend® gas train is the ultimate solution for precise control and enhanced safety in bi-fuel gas blending systems. With a specialized gas train consisting of top-of-the-line components, OptiBlend® sets a new standard in performance and reliability. Featuring a manual ball valve, a 25-mesh filter, an electric shutoff solenoid, and a zero-pressure regulator (ZPR), the OptiBlend® Gas Train ensures smooth operation and unparalleled safety. The throttle valve, designed as a butterfly-style valve, offers infinite adjustability, allowing you to have superior control over your system like never before.

The ZPR is ingeniously designed to only allow gas flow when it detects suction from the engine. This ensures that natural gas is only drawn into the engine and never forced in under pressure, making it inherently safer. The Optiblend® gas train is designed to accommodate a 3psi to 5psi gas pressure supply, ensuring compatibility with various setups. Thanks to the zero-pressure regulator integrated into our system, changes in engine vacuum are detected through the mixer, maintaining optimal pressure at all times.

With the built-in gas filter, particulate contaminants in the gas stream are no longer a concern. Your gas train and engine are protected from any harmful particles that may be present.

With multiple redundant shutoff mechanisms, including manual closures of the throttle and solenoid valves, as well as the option to close the manual ball valve or de-energize the system with the E-Stop button, you can have peace of mind knowing that gas flow can be promptly stopped if needed. Equipped with a 24VDC single stage solenoid controlled by the PLC, our gas lock off solenoid guarantees precise control over fuel flow.

OptiBlend bi-fuel technology has a sterling track record in the field. Not a single installation has resulted in damaged equipment.

  • bi-fuel dealers and manufacturers Bi-Fuel Diesel Engine Dealers - OptiBlend bi-fuel technology works with top dealers & manufacturers of diesel power generators including, Caterpillar, Cummins, Generac, John Deere, Generac, Kohler, MTU & many others.
  • Dual Fuel Air Gas Mixer Valve Bi Fuel Air Gas Mixer Valve (AGM) - OptiBlend dual fuel conversion uses an air gas mixer (AGM) to introduce gaseous fuel from the gas train into the air intake on diesel engines.
  • dual fuel control valve Bi-Fuel Control Valve - OptiBlend dual fuel conversion kits includes a fuel control valve fitted between the gas train and air gas mixer to control the flow of gaseous fuels into the diesel engine.

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