Bi-Fuel Generac Generators For Care Facilities

Bi-fuel Generac Generators for Care Facilities: Your Ultimate Choice

Frequent power outages or disruptions are critical to the operations of any care facility. These facilities need reliable and efficient backup power to ensure their patients and staff are always safe and comfortable. They turn to diesel generators from manufacturers like Generac to meet their emergency power backup needs.

However, diesel-only generators incur high fuel costs, have limited fuel storage capacity, and cause environmental concerns. This makes bi-fuel Generac generators a smart and innovative solution for institutions that want to optimize their backup power systems. These retrofitted units operate simultaneously on natural gas and diesel fuel, ensuring extended runtime and constant power supply.

Bi-Fuel Generac Generators –Summary of Retrofit

Bi-fuel Generac generators are diesel generators that have been retrofitted with a bi-fuel system that allows them to run on both diesel and natural gas. The bi-fuel system automatically adjusts the fuel ratio based on the load demand and the availability of natural gas.

By using natural gas as a secondary fuel source, bi-fuel Generac generators reduce fuel costs, extend generator runtime, and lower emissions. These generators can also switch back to 100% diesel in case of a natural gas interruption, ensuring an uninterrupted power supply.

Bi-fuel Generac & OptiBlend® – Summary of Generac + OptiBlend in Care Facilities

OptiBlend® is a leading provider of bi-fuel systems for Generac diesel generators at care facilities. We aim to help care facilities save costs, reduce emissions, and extend generator runtime.

The OptiBlend® bi-fuel system is compatible with most Generac models ranging from 200 kW to 2000 kW. It’s easy to install, requires minimal maintenance, and comes with a warranty and technical support. The technology also features advanced controls and monitoring capabilities that allow users to track performance, fuel consumption, and emissions.

OptiBlend® + Reps that Work on Generac Power Generators

OptiBlend® has a network of authorized representatives that work on Generac power generators across the U.S. These representatives are trained and certified to provide the best bi-fuel retrofit services for Generac diesel generators in care facilities.

The reps also provide ongoing maintenance, consultation, and support to ensure successful bi-fuel retrofit projects. They are located across the U.S. and readily available to help care facilities meet emergency power needs.

Get the Best Bi-Fuel Generac Generators for your Care Facilities Today

Generac diesel generators are reliable emergency power sources for care facilities that need backup power systems. Retrofitting these generators with bi-fuel technology offers many benefits, including cost savings, reduced emissions, and extended runtime. For the best bi-fuel Generac generators care facilities, consider choosing OptiBlend®.

We offer state-of-the-art retrofit solutions for 200kW-2000kW Generac diesel generators to ensure care facilities receive reliable power 24/7. Our talented reps work with you, providing dedicated support throughout the retrofit process to ensure success. Contact us to learn more about our retrofit solutions and let us help meet your emergency backup power needs by converting your Generac generators to bi-fuel with OptiBlend®.

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