Bi-Fuel Generators For Hospitals And Medical Facilities


Powering Through Emergencies: How Bi-Fuel Generators are Saving Lives in Hospitals and Medical Facilities

Hospitals and medical facilities require an uninterrupted power supply to operate around the clock effectively. They also need a reliable source of emergency power to ensure seamless patient care in case of a power outage. This is primarily during emergencies such as hurricanes, fires, floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters.

Diesel generators have long been the go-to solution for emergency power backups due to their high reliability and long operational lifespan. The problem is that they may not provide constant or reliable power during fuel shortages. This is where bi-fuel diesel generators, hospitals, and medical facilities come in.

Bi-fuel generators are emergency power backup systems that use both diesel fuel and natural gas to produce electricity. These generators offer several benefits over traditional diesel-only generators, including extended runtime, reduced emissions, and lower operating costs. Read on to discover how these generators work and their use in hospitals and medical facilities.

Bi-Fuel Generators – Summary of Retrofit

Bi-fuel diesel generators are existing diesel generators that have been retrofitted to allow them to operate on diesel and natural gas. This process involves installing a bi-fuel conversion kit, which includes a natural gas regulator, mixer, and control panel, onto an existing generator.

The retrofit process often allows the generator to continue operating on diesel alone if natural gas is unavailable. The generator can switch seamlessly between the two fuel sources without interruption, ensuring seamless hospital operations during emergencies.

The bi-fuel conversion process does not require significant modifications to the existing diesel generator, making it a cost-effective solution for hospitals and other medical facilities. Installing a bi-fuel conversion kit is quick and can be completed within a few hours, minimizing downtime.

Bi-Fuel OptiBlend® – Summary of OptiBlend® in Hospitals and Medical Facilities

OptiBlend® is a leading bi-fuel generator retrofit solution provider for various industries and has successfully retrofitted generators in numerous medical facilities. Our system works with a wide range of generator makes, models, and sizes, and its proprietary technology ensures that the generators operate efficiently and safely. It’s compatible with new and existing generators, and you can customize it to meet your medical facility’s needs.

Bi-fuel OptiBlend® technology optimizes the use of natural gas in bi-fuel generators, resulting in significant cost savings and reduced emissions. It has been thoroughly tested and proven to reduce harmful emissions such as CO2, NOX, and particulate matter. This makes it an environmentally friendly solution for medical facilities.

OptiBlend system works by introducing natural gas into the generator’s air intake, reducing the amount of diesel needed to produce electricity. The system carefully controls the amount of natural gas that is allowed to flow into the generator. This system ensures that the generator operates at peak efficiency while maintaining the necessary power output. The patented OptiBlend® technology protects the generator from over-fueling and other potential issues that can occur with other kits.

OptiBlend® + Reps that Work on Power Generator Retrofits

OptiBlend® works with a network of certified representatives specializing in power generator retrofits. These reps ensure hospitals and medical facilities have access to local experts who can help them implement the OptiBlend® system. They provide expert advice on the conversion process and ensure the bi-fuel generator operates efficiently.

The ideal generator size range for OptiBlend® is 200kW to 2000 kW sized generators, commonly used in hospitals and medical facilities. Medical facilities with such generators can find their nearest OptiBlend® representative on our website to enjoy a swift and hassle-free conversion process.

Get the Best Bi-Fuel Generators for Hospitals and Medical Facilities Today

Bi-fuel generators are an excellent solution for hospitals and medical facilities requiring a reliable emergency power source. These units offer numerous benefits for medical facilities, including extended runtimes, reduced emissions, and cost savings. The OptiBlend® system is an excellent retrofit solution for hospitals and medical facilities wanting to convert their diesel generators to bi-fuel.

Our bi-fuel technology makes the conversion process quick and easy, ensuring medical facilities have a reliable and efficient emergency power source. This allows medical facilities to continue to operate effectively during emergencies. If you’re responsible for backup power generation in a medical facility, consider choosing OptiBlend® to convert your diesel-only generator to bi-fuel Contact us to talk to one of our experienced reps, and let us help retrofit your generators for optimal performance.

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