Bi-Fuel Generators For Assisted Living And Hospice Care

Optimizing Emergency Power Backup: Bi-fuel Generators for Assisted Living and Hospice Care

Bi-fuel generators have become an increasingly popular option for providing reliable power in various industries, including healthcare. They have proven to be a valuable asset for assisted living facilities and hospice care centers, where an uninterrupted power supply is crucial for the well-being and safety of patients. However, some facilities rely on diesel-only generators as a backup power source during power disruptions or outages. Unfortunately, diesel-only generators are both costly to run and prone to fuel shortages or interruptions caused by supply chain failures.

To solve this problem, assisted living and hospice care facilities can install a bi-fuel conversion system onto their diesel-only generators. With the ability to operate on two different types of fuel, bi-fuel generators offer flexibility, efficiency, and cost savings, making them an attractive solution for healthcare providers looking to ensure reliable backup power.

Bi-fuel diesel generators for assisted living and hospice care facilities operate on a mixture of diesel and natural gas. These generators boast extended runtimes, providing reliable emergency power around the clock in areas where natural disasters such as hurricanes, fires, floods, tornadoes, and earthquakes are common.

Bi-fuel Generators – Summary of Retrofit

Bi-fuel retrofit involves installing a equipment to allow a secondary fuel source, like propane or natural gas, onto an existing diesel generator. This allows the generator to operate on a mix of natural gas and diesel, providing reliable power.

One of the most advanced and reliable bi-fuel conversion kits available in the market is OptiBlend®. It’s a patented technology that optimizes the fuel mixture based on real-time engine data and environmental conditions.

The Optiblend® bi-fuel system reduces diesel consumption by up to 50%, resulting in significant cost savings and emission reductions. It also improves the performance and efficiency of the generator by reducing engine knock. This increases power output and extends maintenance intervals.

Bi-Fuel OptiBlend® – Summary of OptiBlend® in Assisted Living and Hospice Care

OptiBlend® is a leading provider of bi-fuel retrofit solutions for generators. Our bi-fuel system is designed for 200kW to 2000kW sized generators and helps reduce diesel fuel consumption, cut emissions, and extend runtime. This makes it an excellent choice for assisted living and hospice care facilities.

With OptiBlend® bi-fuel diesel generators, assisted living and hospice care facilities can operate on natural gas and diesel. This helps deliver exceptional performance with quickly changing engine load and promised cost-saving benefits.

OptiBlend® + Reps that Work on Power Generator Retrofits

OptiBlend® has a vast network of certified representatives that work on power generator retrofits. These representatives have extensive knowledge and experience installing and maintaining bi-fuel OptiBlend® systems.

Each OptiBlend® rep provides support throughout the process, from initial assessment to ongoing maintenance. You can rest easy knowing your hospice care facility has reliable power to ensure quality patient care and safety.

Get the Best Bi-Fuel Diesel Solutions for Your Hospice Care Facility Today

Bi-Fuel diesel generators are a reliable backup power source for assisted living and hospice care facilities. Our OptiBlend® bi-fuel retrofit solutions help reduce emissions, improve cost savings, and extend runtime, making them an excellent choice for such facilities.

With a network of certified representatives, we ensure that the installation and maintenance of OptiBlend® systems are efficient and effective. Contact us to learn more about our retrofit solutions and let us help you upgrade to bi-fuel diesel generators for you assisted living and hospice care facilities today.

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