Dual Fuel Diesel Generators for Nebraska Oil And Gas Fracking

Dual fuel Diesel Generators in Nebraska Oil and Gas Fracking

Oil and gas fracking has become increasingly widespread across the U.S., including in Nebraska. The state’s oil and gas fracking operations continue to expand today, with FracTracker Alliance showing that there are currently 8,109 oil, gas, and related wells in Nebraska. Most of these wells sit in counties such as Kimball, Cheyenne, Banner, Dundy, Hitchcock, and Red Willow. Some of the largest producers in this industry include Berexco LLC, Canyon Operating LLC, and Central Operating Inc.

These and many other applications rely on efficient and dependable power generators to keep their operations fully functional. Often, oil and gas operations use diesel power generators, with the benefits of dual fuel power generators among the best solutions for these particular applications.

Dual Fuel Power Generators for Fracking

There are several types of power generators that fracking operations may use in Nebraska, but dual fuel diesel generators are among the best to use.

Also known as bi-fuel, dual fuel power generation entails using a combination of natural gas and diesel fuel to run generators at full power. The main benefit is the ability to reduce the usage of diesel fuel in these operations, helping to make the most of available diesel supplies and extending generators’ runtimes. Dual fuel systems work by introducing natural gas into a generator’s intake air stream, enabling the generator to run on both gas and diesel.

Dual fuel is particularly important for fracking as fuel often must travel over a long distance to reach the on-site engine. Using this more efficient fuel supply will save on travel costs when transferring fuel to the fracking site.

Dual Fuel Power Generators for Drilling

Dual fuel power generators are also ideal for drilling operations in the oil and gas industry. Using dual fuel Cummins and other power generators, drilling operations can save more money on the total cost of operation.

Dual Fuel Power Generators for Oil and Gas Pumping

Oil and gas pumps often require power generators to continue supplying these materials in the event of a natural disaster. For example, blizzards and other severe weather can lead to long lines at the gas station, making backup power generators crucial for these and other upstream locations to continue pumping much-needed fuel.

Dual fuel power generators are equally useful for oil and gas pumps, providing reliable power while helping to reduce the use of available diesel supplies. The result is an extended runtime that can help you make full use of your generator.

If you want to learn more about the benefit of OptiBlend® dual fuel conversion kits for power generators, contact us today.

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