Dual Fuel Diesel Generators for Texas Oil And Gas Operations


Dual-Fuel Diesel Generators in Texas Oil and Gas

Oil and gas operations have spread widely across the U.S., with many of these operations taking place in Texas. According to FracTracker Alliance, there are 926,483 oil and gas wells in this state alone, with the majority of these wells found throughout southeast, central, and northern counties within the state. Some of the state’s biggest producers include Shell, BP, ConocoPhillips, and Valero Energy, and Houston is the state’s most popular location for oil and gas operations.

Oil and gas and many other types of operations need reliable and energy-efficient power supplies to maintain consistent output. These applications tend to use diesel power generators, but it’s possible to get the most from these generators by implementing bi-fuel conversion technologies.

Popular Diesel Power Generators Used in Oil and Gas Operations

There are many brands of power generators that oil and gas companies use in Texas, with a few of the most popular being:

  • Cummins
  • Caterpillar
  • HiPower Systems

Other manufacturers are also used, from Taylor Power and Kohler to Generac and Aksa, depending on the needs of their applications. Regardless of the brand of generator used, you may benefit from bi-fuel conversion kits that harness the power of natural gas in addition to diesel fuel, helping reduce diesel fuel usage and cutting costs.

Dual Fuel Power Generators for Drilling

Dual fuel power generators are often used in drilling operations for oil and gas companies. Power generators from brands like Cummins and Kohler can run more efficiently by using natural gas and diesel combined, reducing the reliance on diesel alone to maintain cost-effective and consistently dependable drilling operations.

Dual Fuel Power Generators for Oil and Gas Pumping

Oil and gas pumps in this industry also need reliable power generators to supply oil and gas in the event of natural disasters of all types. For instance, tornadoes or hurricanes could require people to evacuate certain areas, leading to long lines at pumping stations that require long-lasting power supplies in the form of power generators.

Dual fuel power generators can help meet power generation and efficiency demands at oil and gas pumps, providing sustainable power and helping to make the most of sometimes limited diesel fuel supplies at these facilities. You’ll benefit from an extended runtime ensuring you get the best results from your generators.

Want to discover more about the benefits of the OptiBlend® dual-fuel conversion kit for diesel generators in Texas oil and gas operations? Reach out to our engineering team today.

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