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Exploring the Efficiency of Dual Fuel Diesel Generators in Oklahoma’s Oil and Gas Operations

Oklahoma is one of the top states in the United States that produce oil and natural gas. There are currently 25,900 operating oils in the State as of June 2023. Data taken in the same month indicate that the amount of natural gas produced was approximately 159.3 million cubic feet, while that of oil was 7.3 million barrels.

In terms of oil and gas production in the US, Oklahoma currently ranks seventh. Some of the biggest oil and gas producing companies include:
•    Devon Energy
•    Chesapeake Energy
•    Gulfport Energy
•    Continental Resources, Inc.
•    Roan Resources, Inc.
•    Helmerich & Payne

Diesel Power Generators used in Oil and Gas Operations

Diesel power generators are integral in the oil and gas industry. They are predominantly used to provide power for oil and gas operations like fracking, pumping, and drilling. Three common diesel power generators used in gas and oil operations include:
•    Caterpillar C18: This generator produces between 650 kW and 750 kW of power, and one key advantage is that it uses less floor space while providing increased power density.
•    MTU Series 4000: Perfect for conducting oil and gas operations in harsh environments and primarily used for both onshore and offshore drilling.
•    Cummins QSK60: Predominantly used for sturdy operations and provides power for oil and gas operations reliably. Perfect for drilling rigs, oilfield, and oil production platforms.

Dual Fuel Power Generators for Drilling

Dual fuel power generators can utilize multiple fuel sources, such as propane, natural gas, or diesel. They have grown in popularity because they’re inexpensive to operate and more reliable compared to diesel-only generators. Compared to diesel, natural gas is cheaper, cleaner, and sometimes more available.

Dual fuel engines used for oil and gas drilling operations can either use diesel only or a combination of both natural gas and diesel. They don’t compromise on power while saving on fuel costs and extending runtimes.

Dual fuel engines are commonly used for oil and gas applications like drilling, as well as other servicing operations where reliable power is necessary. While dual fuel generators need a fuel tank on site to store diesel fuel, they utilize natural gas that is produced at the wellhead as a supplemental fuel source; this reduces the need for transporting and refining diesel. In the long-term, using dual fuel power generators for drilling operations minimizes environmental effects that are associated with refining and transporting diesel. Additionally, natural gas is cleaner-burning than diesel fuel, so reducing the amount of diesel used improves the emissions profile.

Dual Fuel Power Generators for Oil and Gas Pumping

Dual fuel power generators have proven themselves to be ideal for oil and gas pumping operations. Some dual fuel engines can even use mixtures of landfill gas, biogas and biodiesel. 

A lot of power is required for oil and gas pumping and the pumps rely on generators to transport oil from the ground to the tankers, then to the refinery, and to storage facilities. Pumps play a key role, and they require a reliable generator that operates with minimal downtime.

Dual fuel power generators provide similar performance to diesel fuel generators, making them a top choice for oil and gas pumping operations. Using natural gas as a partial replacement for diesel fuel allows for reduced emissions, reduced operating costs, and increased reliability.

OptiBlend® Dual Fuel Solutions

Oil and gas production sites that have minimal availability of diesel fuel can rely on OptiBlend® to provide a reliable solution. OptiBlend® provides the best dual fuel conversion kits in the industry that will ensure that you have the power required for drilling or oil and gas pumping operations when operating in remote sites.

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