Dual Fuel Conversion Kit : Warranty


Dual Fuel Conversion Kit: Warranty

Eden Innovations LLC will warranty its equipment to be free of defects in material and workmanship for one year from the date of shipment or installation of the equipment. During this period, Eden Innovations LLC will also warranty any damage caused to the engine due to the operation of the OptiBlend® kit. This warranty includes parts and labor for the repairs to both the OptiBlend® kit and the engine.

It is your responsibility to follow the installation and operation manual provided for the OptiBlend® kit and exercise all necessary safety precautions. Eden Innovations LLC assumes no responsibility for damages occurring from improper installation, operation, maintenance, or from incompatibility with other products. Eden Innovations LLC will not warranty any damages caused by improper installation, use, and maintenance of the OptiBlend® kit. The warranty is limited to defects that are recognized by our engineering department.

Eden Innovations LLC understands that engine manufacturers do not support the introduction of alternative fuels into the intake air. For this reason, Eden Innovations LLC offers this warranty to cover areas that are voided in the manufacturer warranty. In order for the Eden Innovations LLC warranty to be valid, Eden Innovations LLC requires that the alternative fuel source be approved by Eden Innovations LLC. Proper tuning of the OptiBlend® is required for safe and optimal operation of the system. The Commissioning Spreadsheet and Customer Report must be completed and returned to Eden Innovations LLC (service@edeninnovations.com) within 48 hours of commissioning for warranty to be valid.

Warranty Period

The standard warranty period is one year from the date of shipment of the equipment from our facility in Littleton, CO, or if the kit is installed within a year of shipment, the warranty period will begin at installation. Extended warranty periods are available. Eden Innovations LLC will generally align their warranty period with the warranty period of the engine if there is an existing engine warranty and if it differs from the one year standard.

Warranty Limitations

The warranty is only valid on OptiBlend systems installed by OptiBlend technicians or technicians approved by Eden Innovations LLC. Approval of an installation technician outside of Eden Innovations LLC is required in writing before the installation of the equipment. Commissioning Spreadsheet and Customer Report must be completed and returned to Eden Innovations LLC (service@edeninnovations.com) within 48 hours of commissioning for warranty to be valid. Mounting of the gas train in excessive vibration environments will void warranty on the gas train components. For clarification, please contact Eden Innovations LLC. This warranty will be void if the OptiBlend system is not used in accordance with its original commissioning specification. This includes any modification of any parts that were provided in the original kit. Any adjustments to the system after initial installation and commissioning must be pre-approved by Eden Innovations LLC. Including any adjustments to the parameters of the system, as well as any significant change in the alternative fuel gas supply. If parameters of the system do not match the installation and commissioning parameters, the warranty will be voided. This warranty does not include liability for damages outside of the engine and generator set, consequential or incidental damages, or damages for loss of use or loss of profits.

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