Bi-Fuel Caterpillar Diesel Generators For Oil And Gas Applications

Bi-fuel Caterpillar Diesel Generators for Oil and Gas Applications

Caterpillar’s bi-fuel generators are increasingly popular in the oil and gas sector. These generators enable oil and gas companies to tap into the readily available supply of gaseous fuels including BTU methane, propane, CNG, and wellhead gas to power their operations. A dual fuel system lowers a facility’s reliance on diesel, which helps cut operational costs while reducing environmental footprint. 

Bi-fuel Caterpillar diesel generators are widely used in the oil and gas industry.

  • Diesel generators: Caterpillar offers specialty generators for oil and gas drilling and pumping operations. The gensets come in various sizes and power outputs, ranging from 10kW to 16 MW.  
  • Diesel engines: Caterpillar diesel engines a highly prized in the oil and gas industry due to their reliability, durability, and high torque output. They’re used in various applications, including well servicing, drilling rigs, fracking, and pumping stations. 
  • Electric motors: Caterpillar’s bi-fuel generators drive various electric motors in applications such as mud pumps, draw works, and hoists. 

Bi-fuel Caterpillar Engines for Drilling

Caterpillar offers a diverse range of bi-fuel engines for drilling operations in the oil and gas industry. They use a combination of diesel and natural gas to provide reliable and efficient power to drilling equipment while reducing fuel costs and emissions. The engines can seamlessly switch between the fuels depending on price and availability. 

Caterpillar’s bi-fuel engines are designed to meet the high power demands of drilling operations. They offer high torque output, excellent fuel efficiency, and low emissions. Dual-fuel engines are used in various drilling applications, including drilling rigs, mud pumps, and hydraulic fracturing. 

Using bi-fuel engines for drilling helps reduce a facility’s carbon footprint and greenhouse emissions and improves air quality. Bi-fuel engines allow drilling operations to comply with environmental regulations, reduce emissions, improve performance, and cut overhead costs. 

Bi-fuel Caterpillar Generators for Oil and Gas Pumping

Caterpillar’s bi-fuel generators deliver multiple cost-saving benefits to various oil and gas pumping operations. They ensure reliable and consistent power supply to oil and gas pumping stations and provide emergency backup power. Dual-fuel Caterpillar generators are more reliable than diesel-only generators because they have an alternative fuel source. The facility can easily switch to natural gas and ensure continued operations if there’s a diesel fuel shortage. Dual-fuel systems enable such facilities to power their intensive operations while lowering fuel costs.  

Bi-fuel systems provide a flexible and reliable power solution for pumping systems along pipelines transporting oil and gas from wellheads to processing facilities. Such operations require reliable, efficient, and consistent power sources over a long time.  

Bi-fuel Caterpillar Equipment for Oil and Gas Operations

Bi-fuel Caterpillar equipment is a staple in various oil and gas operations. Caterpillar provides operators with reliable and cost-efficient power solutions while ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.

Oil and gas operations can easily retrofit diesel-only caterpillar generators and convert them into bi-fuel systems. Aftermarket kits such as OptiBlend® allow for seamless, non-invasive dual-fuel conversions. Retrofitted Caterpillar equipment is more efficient and reliable, delivering cost savings while reducing the facility’s carbon footprint and emissions. 

Caterpillar’s dual-fuel equipment is widely used in natural gas processing, wellhead operations, hydraulic fracturing, oil and gas exploration, and transportation. Bi-fuel engines are instrumental in remote sites where natural gas is readily available. OptiBlend® conversion kits enable such facilities to replace up to 70% of their diesel consumption with gaseous fuels. 

Switching to natural gas cuts fuel expense, improves logistics, and eliminates unnecessary interruptions. An oil and gas operation running a bi-fuel system is less susceptible to diesel shortages and skyrocketing oil prices. 

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