Bi-Fuel Kohler Diesel Generators For Oil And Gas Applications

Bridging the Gap: Enhancing Oil and Gas Operations with Bi-Fuel Kohler Diesel Generators

In the oil and gas industry, reliable power generation ensures smooth operations. Kohler diesel generators have long been a trusted power source in drilling and pumping applications.

With the rising costs of diesel and concerns over emissions, many operators are turning to bi-fuel Kohler generators for oil and gas operations. These units offer a great way to cut costs and reduce environmental impact. Here’s how bi-fuel Kohler diesel generators are used in oil and gas applications and how the Optiblend® dual-fuel retrofit system can help maximize their benefits:

How Bi-Fuel Technology Works

Bi-fuel technology is a dual-fuel system that allows engines to run on diesel and gaseous fuels such as natural gas or methane. It reduces diesel consumption and emissions by including a secondary fuel, such as natural gas, in the combustion process.

Bi-fuel Kohler generators for oil and gas operations use a natural gas kit to supplement the diesel fuel. The natural gas kit allows the engine to run on a combination of both fuels, resulting in cost savings and emission reductions. This makes them attractive for operators looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Kohler bi-fuel generators are equipped with smart regulators and control software. These features allow the equipment to adapt quickly to changing loads and maintain optimal engine performance and safety.

Bi-Fuel Kohler Generators in Oil and Gas Applications

Kohler diesel generators have proven their worth in the oil and gas industry, providing reliable power in various industrial applications. Kohler generators deliver the electric energy needed to keep operations running smoothly, from drilling rigs to pipeline pumping stations. The diesel engines in these generators are renowned for their ability to operate in harsh environments, making them dependable for power generation.

The OptiBlend® aftermarket blending system can retrofit existing Kohler diesel generators, allowing for gaseous fuels. The system provides a simple and cost-effective way to upgrade existing equipment to bi-fuel technology without requiring a complete engine replacement. It also guarantees engine safety with real-time monitoring of engine parameters, ensuring proper substitution rates. The OptiBlend® kit is most applicable and beneficial on Kohler generators in the range of 200kW to 2000kW, making it ideal for large-scale oil and gas operations.

Benefits of Bi-Fuel Kohler Generators for Oil and Gas Operations

Bi-fuel Kohler generators offer many benefits to the oil and gas industry. They feature bi-fuel conversion technology, which allows existing diesel-only Kohler generators to use gaseous fuels like natural gas, wellhead gas, propane, or methane to reduce their diesel consumption. This reduces diesel fuel costs and helps extend the diesel fuel supply’s runtime, increasing the diesel generators’ lifespan and efficiency. Bi-fuel generators also emits significantly less CO2 and NOX than diesel-only generators, making them a more environmentally friendly option as well.

Enhance Your Power Generation for Oil and Gas Operations Today

As the industry continues to evolve, bi-fuel Kohler generators for oil and gas operations are poised to help power the industry’s future. These units are becoming an increasingly popular option in the oil and gas industry due to their cost savings, performance enhancement, and environmental benefits.

At OptiBlend®, we are the leading provider of the best bi-fuel blending system for various industries, including oil and gas. We retrofit existing Kohler diesel-only generators with our unique system so operators can reduce operating costs, extend runtime, and reduce CO2 and NOX emissions. Contact us today to find out how OptiBlend® can convert your existing Kohler generator into a powerful bi-fuel solution for your industrial power generation needs.

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