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How Bi-Fuel Diesel Generators are Revolutionizing North Dakota Oil and Gas Fracking Operations

North Dakota is one of the most active states in the United States when it comes to oil and gas production. It currently ranks third and falls only behind New Mexico and Texas. The current number of operating well as of July 2023 was 18,179 which is a slight increase of approximately 0.4% from the previous month and an increase of 4.6% compared to the prior year.

In June 2023, oil production in North Dakota increased by approximately 3% according to recent data from the Department of Mineral Resources. Oil production in the State rose to approximately 1.17 million barrels daily, and production of natural gas increased by 3% to approximately 3.25 billion cubic feet daily. Most oil in North Dakota is produced in the Bakken Formation, which contains an extensive amount of natural gas and petroleum. Watford City contains the deepest section of the basin.

There are multiple oil and gas companies operating in North Dakota. Some of the dominant companies include Hess, Continental Resources, Whiting Petroleum, EOG Resources and ExxonMobil.

Diesel Power Generators used in Oil and Gas Fracking Operations

Fracking is a process used in the extraction of natural gas and oil that is embedded in the deepest sections of the earth. The fracking process involves cracking the formations of bedrock and injecting sand, water, and chemicals at extremely high pressures.

Some common diesel power generators used in the fracking process include:

  • Cummins QSK60: This generator is highly regarded because it generates low emissions and maintains a high level of efficiency. It can produce a power output of approximately 2,750 kW and is perfect for drilling in high temperatures.
  • MTU 20V4000 DS3600: This diesel generator is primarily used for drilling operations that take place in remote regions. It has a power output of approximately 3,250 kW and can operate in altitudes as high as 13,000 feet.
  • Caterpillar C175-16: The generator is commonly used in harsher conditions and has the ability to provide power reliably. It can generate a power output of as a high as 4,000kW and can also operate in high altitudes (13,000 feet).

Bi-Fuel Power Generators for Fracking

Many oil and gas companies prefer to use bi-fuel generators because of their reliability and ability to combine the power of diesel fuel with the availability and low price of natural gas. In instances where natural gas isn’t available, bi-fuel generators have the ability to run on diesel fuel alone without any significant complications.

Popular manufacturers like Cummins, MTU Onsite Energy, and Caterpillar offer different types of bi-fuel generators and diesel conversions that can be used for fracking operations. The use of bi-fuel generators ensures that no disruptions occur during the entire fracking operation and plays a key role in minimizing downtime.

Bi-Fuel Power Generators for Drilling

Diesel generators like the Caterpillar 3512B can be converted for bi-fuel drilling operations. Natural gas is commonly a waste product in most oil rigs. It provides a lot of cost-saving benefits when drilling because the bi-fuel generator utilizes free fuel for drilling operations.

Bi-Fuel Power Generators for Oil and Gas Pumping

Most oil and gas producers rely on diesel engines, but the introduction of bi-fuel generators provides a cost-effective and durable way of streamlining oil and gas pumping operations. Using bi-fuel generators for oil and gas pumping provides some environmental advantages such as reduced flaring where the excess natural gas that undergoes flaring can be redirected to power bi-fuel generators for oil and gas pumping.


OptiBlend® provides professional bi-fuel diesel engine conversion services to help save money and ensure that you meet your energy efficiency goals. OptiBlend® technology provides additional energy in the combustion chamber through the addition of natural gas to the generator’s intake air stream, allowing the engine to use a reduced amount of diesel fuel. The entire process operates without compromising the engine’s power output and speed.

Contact us today to learn more about our conversion kit and how it can benefit your oil and gas operations.

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