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Bi-Fuel Generators for Disaster Relief: Wildfires

In recent years and months, California has been beset by harsh weather and seemingly endless wildfires. In times of crisis, it is important that the most reliable, proven, and efficient methods are used in both rescue and disaster relief. This is why bi-fuel generators, which use both diesel and natural gas, are essential for efforts to put out wildfires and maintain the quality of life for the people who live in affected areas.

Bi-Fuel Benefits for Wildfire Response and Relief

Bi-fuel generators offer more than one benefit for crisis response and disaster relief teams in wildfire zones. Because the generators can run on two fuel types, using the most efficient fuel based on availability and price, they have extended run-times on limited diesel supplies.

In other words, bi-fuel generators offer extended run-time compared to generators that use exclusively diesel or natural gas. Diesel fuel supplies are often cut off during natural disasters, and the remaining supply lasts longer because generators incorporate natural gas fuel when this is the more efficient option.

Therefore, bi-fuel generators offer longer-lasting and more reliable power in wildfire response and aid in disaster relief for areas facing power outages.

First Responders Using Bi-Fuel Power Generators

In many cases, first responders rely on diesel power generation and bi-fuel generators to power rescue equipment and temporary shelters throughout wildfire affected areas.

  • Search and Rescue: Diesel engines power infrastructure and equipment necessary to navigate hazardous terrain and the equipment used to rescue people from collapsed buildings and dangerous areas.
  • Temporary Medical Sites: In order to run medical equipment, diesel power generators are used to provide the necessary electricity.
  • Temporary Shelters: For people whose homes have been destroyed by wildfires, diesel power generation can make temporary shelters livable and welcoming compared to unpowered emergency tents and structures.

Supplies Using Emergency Bi-Fuel Power Generators

Diesel and bi-fuel generators also provide power essential to supply those who are conducting disaster relief and those being rescued. Generators are an indispensable part of the crisis response efforts, ensuring that everyone gets the supplies they need, where they are needed.

  • Water: Generators are used to pump water both to fight fires and provide humanitarian conditions for those in temporary medical sites and temporary shelters. Power is also used for water heaters and purification to provide both hot and cold water to temporary sites.
  • Food: The ability to transport and cook food drastically improves the quality of life for both disaster relief teams and those whose homes are taken by the fires.
  • Air Filtration and Conditioning: Generators supply the power to filter smoke-filled air inside shelters and air conditioning to combat dangerous heat.
  • Cold Storage: Cold storage is essential for medical sites and shelters. Refrigeration allows the storage of fresh food as well as the storage of some medicines and essential supplies.

Utilities Using Emergency Bi-Fuel Power Generators

Lastly, bi-fuel generators are used to provide utilities to rescue teams, medical sites, and temporary shelters set up in the wildfire-affected zones.

  • Sewer: Wastewater can be carried away safely from temporary shelters that amass significant populations of displaced families. Temporary sewer systems are run with pumps powered with bi-fuel generators.
  • Water: Water utilities are necessary for quality of life, pumped into the sinks, toilets, and showers of temporary shelters and medical sites using on-site bi-fuel generators.
  • Communications: Without the power supplied by bi-fuel generators, wildfire-affected areas with downed power lines and cell towers would be cut off from communication for both rescuers and those being rescued.

Cleanup Using Bi-Fuel Power Generators

Bi-fuel generators also provide the power necessary to run cleanup equipment. The trucks, tractors, and earth-movers needed to clear fire-destroyed areas and reclaim the land for habitation often run on diesel only. However, bi-fuel generators also provide vital electric power necessary for handheld and temporary base equipment used in wildfire cleanup operations.

Restoration Using Bi-Fuel Power Generators

Lastly, bi-fuel power generation systems are vital when restoring areas destroyed by California wildfires. Restoration often requires complete or partial rebuilding of homes, commercial buildings, and public facilities. The construction equipment needed for restoration is powered by local generators, as community power grids are often not yet repaired when restorations begin.

Bi-Fuel Generators in Wildfire Disaster Relief

While some feel that it would be best to replace diesel as a primary fuel, it is currently the single most reliable source of power when it comes to wildfire crisis response, disaster relief, and rebuilding efforts. When combined with natural gas in bi-fuel generators, both diesel and natural gas are used with optimal efficiency, allowing for less overall fuel use and optimum disaster response.

To learn more about diesel’s important role in sustainable and rapid disaster relief or to explore the potential of bi-fuel generators, contact us today.

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