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How Bi-fuel Diesel Generator Calculator Helps Maximize Your Generator’s Efficiency

Generators are often the go-to solution when powering critical infrastructure during a power outage or off-grid situation. However, the fuel cost can be high, making operating generators expensive. But bi-fuel generator systems, which combine diesel and natural gas, offer an efficient, cost-effective, and emission-reducing solution. You just need the bi-fuel diesel generator calculator to determine the right size of the generator and the potential savings of a bi-fuel system.

To use the calculator, input the load in kilowatts, the runtime in hours, and the cost per gallon of diesel fuel. You can also put the cost per cubic foot of natural gas for bi-fuel systems. In addition, the Bi-Fuel Generator Calculator uses a set of conservative assumptions, including estimated diesel efficiency, bi-fuel efficiency, and diesel displacement percentage. This enables the calculator to estimate the cost savings and extended runtime achievable with a bi-fuel system.

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Using the bi-fuel diesel generator calculator, you make an informed decision about the size of the bi-fuel generator system you need and the potential cost savings. With this tool, you can maximize the efficiency of your generator and reduce fuel costs, making it an essential tool for operations managers and maintenance technicians/managers in commercial applications.

Load or Generator Power Output Capability in Kilowatts

The OptiBlend® Calculator helps determine your generator’s estimated fuel savings based on varying factors. The fuel cost savings and Return on Investment (ROI) for an OptiBlend® conversion kit depend on factors such as whether the generator is used only as emergency backup, to provide peak power, or as a sole power source. These applications all have various runtime percents, and can have drastically different ROIs.

For example, a 200kW generator with a 95% runtime would take approximately three weeks to achieve ROI, whereas a 2000 kW generator with the same runtime would take only two days.


Runtime has a significant effect on ROI. Emergency power for a single 1000 kW generator across one week, 168hrs, would achieve ROI in one use and extend the Diesel fuel supply by >2x.

Peak power may be a few hours per day, a few days per week, and seasonal, whereas sole power requirements will likely be +50% runtime annually. Understanding your runtime requirements will allow you to calculate a bi-fuel generator system’s cost savings and extended runtime.

Diesel and Natural Gas Costs Over the Last 5 Years

Natural gas and diesel costs have been volatile over the last five years. Diesel prices have ranged from highs of over $5.00 per gallon to lows of around $2.00 per gallon. Natural gas has seen highs of approximately $9.00 per MMBtu to lows of roughly $2.00 per MMBtu. In terms of energy content, that means that natural gas is multiple times cheaper than diesel fuel. Natural gas and propane are produced domestically. Diesel is processed in a supply chain, making it more susceptible to shortages and price fluctuations.

Who Should Consider OptiBlend®

The OptiBlend® bi-fuel diesel generator calculator is an excellent tool for anyone looking to reduce fuel costs and increase the efficiency of their generator. It helps you understand how power output capability, runtime requirements, and other factors affect fuel costs. This allows you to determine how an OptiBlend® conversion kit can help you save on fuel costs, increase runtime, and see a return on your investment.

OptiBlend® is an excellent solution for many applications that require constant-speed power generators operating at or near full capacity. However, OptiBlend® is not suitable for variable-speed engines powering heavy mobile equipment or small residential or portable power generation. These units have different operating requirements, making them not suitable for bi-fuel systems.

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Calculating your diesel generator’s runtime, fuel savings, and your return on investment helps maximize efficiency and save money. OptiBlend® provides an innovative and valuable solution for operations managers and technicians looking to ensure a reliable power supply while controlling fuel costs. Contact us today for more information about the OptiBlend® technology and see how we can make your operations more efficient and cost-effective.

    OptiBlend :: Savings & CO2 Offset Calculator

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    OptiBlend :: Savings & CO2 Offset Calculator
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    *calculation assumes 70% displacement, 1 Gallon CNG = 5.66lbs , Diesel Equivelant = 6.384 lbs
    **calculations are based on your input data and are approximations