Bi Fuel Generators : Diesel – Natural Gas Mixer

Diesel generators that have been retrofitted with CNG conversions can do the same job they did before with a 50-70 percent reduction in diesel fuel consumption. One of the keys to achieving the savings of conversion without engine damage is using an air-gas mixer that utilizes the Venturi effect, drawing gas into the air induction system. This has proven safer than positive pressure systems, which can force too much gas into the intake manifold.  OptiBlend® has developed a closed-loop displacement algorithm for its controller that allows the system to automatically adjust to changing gas composition (BTU value specifically) without needing to recommission the system. This multi-layered system approach has been tested and proven across a wide range of applications and engine makes, including Caterpillar®, Cummins®, Kohler®, MTU®, John Deere®, and Mitsubishi®.

bi-fuel generator oil and gas drill operation

Oil and gas projects whose diesel generators are backed up with bi-fuel capability reduce risk for their operations when remote locations, extreme weather, and heavy use make downtime very costly. Remote sites with bi-fuel capability can enjoy power longer than would be possible with diesel fuel alone. Custom-fit conversion kits efficiently manage both fuel sources and can be added without making any modifications to the engine or its diesel system — the bolt-on components mix alternate fuel on a split-second, as-needed basis, and can be run hard for long periods of time, even with fluctuating engine loads.

bi-fuel power generator assisted living facility

Care facilities that rely on long runtime from a diesel generator for emergency power needs are finding that the generators they’ve already purchased can provide more peace of mind with a conversion kit that safely and smoothly stretches diesel fuel by mixing in alternate fuel on demand. Having bi-fuel capability installed on emergency power generators allows life-sustaining equipment, lighting, and other core systems to remain dependable when adverse events like hurricanes and grid outages wreak havoc, threatening operational integrity and patients’ lives.

bi-fuel diesel generators backup power disaster relief services

Onsite or field operations, diesel generators are the emergency power backbone for disaster response. Unfortunately, hospitals, airports, schools, and more have discovere what happens when required runtime exceeds the amount of diesel fuel on hand. OptiBlend® conversion kits address this vulnerability by turning a diesel generator into a bi -fuel unit that can easily incorporate an auxiliary fuel source without compromising power availability. OptiBlend® has been utilized in oil fields, fire departments, VA hospitals, U.S. Embassies, DoD facilities, and more.

bi-fuel diesel generator manufacturers and dealers

Diesel generator dealers may guide you to a bi-fuel conversion kit if fuel cost savings over pure-diesel operation is a goal or you require alternative fuels to stretch diesel supply in emergency backup situations. Kits like those offered by OptiBlend® can run field gas and adapt in real-time to changes in its chemical makeup. If the natural gas supply gets interrupted, the OptiBlend® system’s sensors will automatically switch back to 100% diesel fuel and the kit goes into standby until it detects the correct parameters, eliminating the need for personnel to travel to the unit and manually restart it.

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