Bi Fuel Generator : Diesel – Natural Gas Conversion Kit

A generator that runs off a combination of diesel and natural gas has to deliver the same performance with quickly changing engine load — along with the promised cost savings and emissions reduction. Smart regulators and control software are critical; proprietary software in the control unit has to adapt to engine load changes in an instant. OptiBlend® converted diesel generators have been tested to ISO 8528-5:2018, and maintain load response compliance. The OptiBlend® conversion retrofit kit is also capable of accounting for variation in the quality of inlet gas (such as unsweetened wellhead gas). OptiBlend® is unique in guaranteeing engine safety with real-time monitoring of engine parameters, ensuring proper substitution rates.

Bi Fuel Generator Oil and Gas Projects

Bi-fuel generators are found wherever oil and gas operators need extended runtime in remote locations with wildly variable temperatures. They’re a critical component for operational savings, redundancy and limiting emissions. Advances in conversion kit technology mean 50-70% less diesel is required. State-of-the-art mixing and control systems mean operators don’t have to worry about engine damage caused by positive-pressure systems that are still found in the marketplace, and provided by engine OEM’s.

Bi Fuel Generator Medical Care Facility Kohler

Medical care facilities have to be dependable even when power sources aren’t. This is why bi-fuel generators are being used to safeguard lives and facility operations. Next-generation conversion kits like OptiBlend® can usually be installed by customers and require no modifications to the core engine system or its diesel components — all while potentially doubling runtime of at-hand diesel supply when disruptions jeopardize power from the grid.

Bi Fuel Generator Disaster Relief Hurricane

Disaster relief agencies and field operators are addressing single-fuel vulnerability issues by adopting bi-fuel generator conversion. Next-generation conversion kits can stretch runtime and diesel fuel supplies with rapid switchover to natural gas and function well in extreme weather. This means a dependable backup for delivering life-saving services. Generators retrofitted with systems such as OptiBlend® have been adopted by oil and gas upstream operators, first responders, hospitals, embassies, and defense facilities.

Diesel Generator Manufacturers

Engines from major diesel generator manufacturers (Caterpillar®, Cummins®, Kohler®, MTU®, John Deere®, and Mitsubishi®, among others) have proven to be compatible even in rugged conditions with retrofit kits that let the units run diesel and an auxiliary fuel seamlessly. The OptiBlend® proprietary Air-Gas Mixer (AGM) is installed just downstream of the stock air filter, delivering optimal air-gas ratio along with the fuel control valve (FCV), which uses internal software with fault detection and position control. These kits should be custom fitted and commissioned for your engine type and application.

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