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®Bi-fuel Caterpillar Generators

Caterpillar is one of the leading generator manufacturers in the world. It offers a range of generator sizes, from portable units to large industrial units capable of generating several megawatts of power. Caterpillar is renowned for producing heavy-duty generators for industrial applications, including mining, construction, and oil and gas. 

Types of Caterpillar generators 

  • Diesel generators: Caterpillar provides highly efficient and reliable diesel generators. They are available in various sizes and power a wide range of applications.
  • Gas generators provide a clean and efficient supplemental or power backup during high-demand periods. 
  • Hydrogen generators are configured to run on 100% hydrogen fuel and were introduced into the market in 2022. They’re designed to combine lower emissions with cost-saving benefits. 
  • Bi-fuel generators run on a combination of diesel and a gaseous fuel (CNG, LNG, field gas, natural gas) to deliver greater fuel efficiency and cost savings. 


  • Industrial: Caterpillar generators are heavily used in the industrial setting due to their reliability and ability to withstand heavy use. They’re used to power data centers, manufacturing equipment, and mining operations. 
  • Commercial: They’re often used to provide backup or supplement grid power during peak hours in restaurants, hotels, retail stores, and more. 
  • Residential: Smaller-sized caterpillar generators are often used to power homes during power outages. They can reliably power essential appliances and devices such as refrigerators, lights, and medical equipment. 
  • Construction: Construction sites often use portable Caterpillar generators to power tools, equipment, and security lights. They’re easy to transport and are ideal for temporary power needs. 

Bi-fuel Caterpillar Generators 

There are two ways to acquire a bi-fuel Caterpillar generator— buy a new one or retrofit an existing one. 

  • New bi-fuel generator: Designed and built from the ground up to run on a diesel and gas blend, they’re more costly and can be powered by diesel and a variety of gaseous fuels. 
  • Retrofit bi-fuel kits: Retrofitting entails fitting a diesel-only generator with a bi-fuel kit. It’s a cost-effective way to increase the operational efficiency of a traditional diesel-only generator. Retrofit kits can include fuel injectors, regulators, and control systems that allow the generator to operate on a combination of fuels. 

Bi-fuel Caterpillar & OptiBlend® 

OptiBlend® conversion/retrofit kits are a proven technology to convert existing diesel generators into bi-fuel generators. The converter kits are easy to install and don’t require any internal engine modification. They’re highly customizable and designed to improve efficiency while maximizing cost savings. 

Here are three successful use cases of Caterpillar + OptiBlend®

  • Oil rig drilling: Existing Caterpillar generators on an oil rig in Houston, Texas were retrofitted with OptiBlend® systems. The operators gained the competitive advantage of using natural gas and diesel simultaneously. The Caterpillar generators achieved 16% to 49% engine gas displacement, drastically reducing operations costs. 
  • Laboratory: A laboratory in Louisiana used OptiBlend® to lower its emissions. They converted an existing Caterpillar diesel generator to burn natural gas without compromising its rapid response. The retrofitted bi-fuel generator achieved an engine gas displacement of 23 to 70%.  
  • Olympic Games: A set of Caterpillar marine generators fitted with dynamic gas blending were used to power seven fast ferries during the 2016 Olympics Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The generators were equipped with a low gas pressure system capable of 70% gas displacement. 

Bi-fuel Caterpillar Dealers 

Bi-fuel Caterpillar generators are available from Caterpillar authorized dealerships across the country. Most dealerships partner with retrofitting kit providers to help customers upgrade their existing diesel generators with bi-fuel systems. 

Western States Cat

Western States Cat is a leading heavy equipment, power generation, and machine rental services provider in the Pacific Northwest. Western States Cat is a Caterpillar Equipment authorized dealer and offers various Caterpillar products, including gas, diesel, and bi-fuel generators. The company also provides support services, including repair, maintenance, training, and custom installations. 

Yancey Cat 

Yancy Cat is a Caterpillar-authorized dealership based in Georgia. The company provides heavy equipment, power generation, and machine rental services. Yancy Cat sells various Caterpillar equipment and engines, including gas, diesel, and bi-fuel generators. Yancy Cat also offers retrofitting services to help customers upgrade their equipment and improve efficiency. The firm also provides various support services, including repair, maintenance, and training. 

OptiBlend® conversion/retrofit kits enable companies to affordably convert their existing Caterpillar diesel-only generators into bi-fuel. The kit uses the air intake system and doesn’t require internal engine modification. 

Talk to an OptiBlend® expert today about converting your Caterpillar diesel-only generators into bi-fuel.

  • bi fuel caterpillar diesel power generator Bi-Fuel Caterpillar Equipment - Constant speed Caterpillar diesel power generators are used by caterpillar equipment throughout the world. OptiBlend bi-fuel retrofits enables Caterpillar customers to reduce their diesel costs, extend runtime and reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Bi Fuel Caterpillar Generator Pumping Rig Oil and Gas Bi-Fuel Caterpillar Diesel Generators For Oil And Gas Applications - Caterpillar diesel generators are used in remote oil & gas drilling & pumping operations globally. An OptiBlend bi-fuel mixer retrofit displaces diesel with wellhead gas, methane or CNG to 2x runtime, reduce operating costs as well as CO2 emissions.
  • bi-fuel dealers and manufacturers Bi-Fuel Diesel Engine Dealers - OptiBlend bi-fuel technology works with top dealers & manufacturers of diesel power generators including, Caterpillar, Cummins, Generac, John Deere, Generac, Kohler, MTU & many others.

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