Bi Fuel Engine : Diesel – Natural Gas Conversion Kit

Bi-fuel or dual fuel kits allow diesel engines to use natural gas as a portion of the fuel supply. By reducing the amount of diesel used, harmful emissions are reduced, fuel savings are realized, and engine life is increased. The OptiBlend® bi-fuel kit employs a blend of proven simple engineering along with advanced control algorithms to deliver safe engine operation and maximum diesel displacement. Natural gas flow is controlled by a Venturi mixer placed upstream of the turbo. The pressure drop signal across the mixer allows the zero-pressure regulator on the gas train to open or close, maintaining the proper gas to air ratio. Between the zero pressure regulator and the mixer is an electronically-controlled throttle which allows adjustment to the gas to air ratio along the load range, and adjustment to the gas flow during alarm conditions. 

bi-fuel diesel generator oil and gas industry

Hard-running diesel engines — and diesel fuel — are the backbone of many oil and gas projects. Operators are finding they can keep their sites running with 50-70% less diesel by retrofitting diesel engines with next-generation kits that let them input even unsweetened wellhead gas while cutting emissions and ensuring the runtime needed to keep projects running smoothly and profitably. The OptiBlend® bi-fuel kit has been successfully deployed in drilling and fracking operations, with 1000’s of accumulated hours. This retrofit is suitable and proven effective with a wide range of engine makes, including Caterpillar®, Cummins®, Kohler®, MTU, John Deere®, and  Mitsubishi®. 

bi-fuel power generator for disaster response and relief

What happens when the generator runs out of diesel, or fuel supply chains are disrupted by external factors? Hospitals, data centers, and other critical infrastructure facilities must keep operating.  Disaster response plans are now incorporating bi- fuel options for backup generators. Conversions kits like OptiBlend® have reduced the risk of diesel-only generators. This can save lives, keep water clean, and allow supply chains to recover.

 Bi-Fuel Diesel Engine Dealers

Diesel engine dealers who serve customers with demanding backup energy needs — energy, healthcare, public safety agencies, and the military — can recommend bi-fuel conversion kits now that they’ve been shown to be compatible, effective, and safe for major brands like Caterpillar®, Cummins®, Kohler®, MTU®, John Deere®, and Mitsubishi®. Other makers and dealers have partnered with OptiBlend® based on a track record of innovation, durability, and demonstrated ROI with heavy runtime in demanding conditions.

bi-fuel diesel natural gas train

Advanced bi-fuel gas train components, comprised of a manual ball valve, a 25-mesh filter, an electric shutoff solenoid, and a zero pressure regulator (ZPR), safely regulate gas into the engine. The gas train feeds the mixer(s) via an infinitely-adjustable throttle valve (butterfly-style) for optimal system control — and multiple redundant shutoffs for safety. Additionally, the ZPR cannot allow gas to flow unless it senses suction from the mixer, which is safer for engines. This ensures natural gas is only drawn into the engine, never forced in under pressure.

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OptiBlend bi-fuel systems to allow for a fully EPA & NFPA 110 compliant diesel system

Smith Power is out today performing start-up on a 2x mtu-Rolls-Royce DS500, 500kW paralleled generator system for Washington County, Utah.

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Good news…you don’t have to go to the Netherlands to access a #dualfuel system…

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