Dual Fuel Generator : Diesel – Natural Gas Conversion Kit

Dual fuel generators used in large commercial applications are typically single-speed diesel engines generating between 20kW and 4,000kW of electricity. There are several residential and small commercial applications of gasoline and natural gas stationary and portable generators. OptiBlend® is generally designed for stationary, higher output power generation.

The OptiBlend® dual fuel retrofit system allows the diesel engine to perform optimally on gas and allows for substitution rates of approximately 50% to 70% of diesel fuel consumption. Engines with dual fuel functionality maintain diesel-like efficiency, stability, and load acceptance.

The OptiBlend® dual fuel retrofit system uses the engine combustion air to pull the natural gas into the engine. This design inherently limits the possibility of over-fueling, as well as reduces the chance of natural gas leaking into the engine while it is not in operation. The air-fuel ratio is optimized for the full operating range of the engine using the Fuel Control Valve (FCV). The FCV is tuned during commissioning to deliver the optimal amount of gas, leaving the diesel governor enough authority to control the engine speed. After the retrofit is complete, the engine the engine will retain its certified load rejection and acceptance response time, consume significantly less diesel fuel, and have a more favorable emission profile.

Dual Fuel Generator Oil and Gas Projects

Oil Rig– CAT 3512

OptiBlend® is ruggedized and ready for any environment, and having the advantage of dual fuel results in a rapid return on investment. These oil rigs were installed with OptiBlend® systems to have the competitive advantage of being able to
run on natural gas and diesel simultaneously. The kits were installed in January 2013, in Houston, Texas.

Dual Fuel Generator Medical Care Facility Kohler

Medical Center— Kohler 500REOZJB

OptiBlend® created further security for a medical center in Miami, Florida. With frequent natural disasters, backup power
is a necessity for these facilities. OptiBlend® gives them the advantage of dual fuel which allows them to have the
security of an on-site fuel source. The system was installed in July 2019.

Dual Fuel Generator Disaster Relief Hurricane

Disaster Relief : Hurricane and Flooding

OptiBlend® enabled first responders like the West Jackson Fire Department and Marris County Sherriff’s Office to keep the power on longer with a dual fuel generators. 

Diesel Generator Manufacturers

Diesel Generator Manufacturer : CAT

Dozens of CAT dealers like Western States CAT and Yancey CAT have assisted their customers with installing the Optiblend® retrofit kits.

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A fully EPA & NFPA 110 compliant diesel system

Smith Power is out today performing start-up on a 2x mtu-Rolls-Royce DS500, 500kW paralleled generator system for Washington County, Utah.

OptiBlend Dual Fuel at The Palms at Plantation, a senior living center in Florida

Last week, we successfully commissioned an MTU DS200…

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    OptiBlend :: Savings & CO2 Offset Calculator

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    Learn why OptiBlend® is the answer to lower fuel costs, improve emissions, and increase runtime in any industry.

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    *calculation assumes 70% displacement, 1 Gallon CNG = 5.66lbs , Diesel Equivelant = 6.384 lbs
    **calculations are based on your input data and are approximations