Dual Fuel Equipment : Diesel – Natural Gas Fuel Control Valve

Dual fuel equipment utilizes mixed fuels with no loss of horsepower or reliability. These kits are comprised of a gas train, an air-gas mixer, fuel control valve, and controller. All components of a dual fuel equipment conversion kit are designed to rigorous safety standards. The OptiBlend® kit is rated to IP65 standards, and can be UL Certified. Converting your diesel equipment to dual fuel allows you to improve your existing fixed assets through instant fuel cost savings and increased runtime while benefiting the environment through reduced CO2, PM, and NOx emissions.

dual fuel equipment oil and gas industry

Diesel equipment is important in the oil and gas industry for remote operations such as drilling and pumping. Maintaining a steady supply of diesel to feed equipment is a logistical puzzle made more difficult when the site is remote with primitive infrastructure, weather is a factor, and distances are extreme. The petroleum industry is leveraging new technology to retrofit existing diesel equipment to use a second lower cost fuel, often available as a byproduct of drilling to reduce diesel fuel needs.

Bi Fuel Diesel Power Generators for Disaster Response

Disaster response and relief services provide support to affected communities at all levels from rescue, temporary housing, food, clean water, sanitation, and medical treatment to utility restoration, cleanup, road construction, and countless structural repairs. All of these providers rely on diesel-powered equipment to accomplish these tasks. Retrofitting existing diesel engines and generators with a secondary lower-cost fuel such as natural gas can double the runtime of the equipment with substantial cost savings and emissions reduction.

dual fuel euqipment dealerships and manufacturers

Diesel Equipment Manufacturer : CAT®

OptiBlend® is partnered with dozens of CAT® dealers like Western States CAT® and Yancey CAT®. Our Dealer partners have assisted their customers with deployment of the Optiblend® dual fuel systems.

dual fuel equipment gas train

Retrofitting existing diesel generators to use compressed natural gas, wellhead gas, methane, low/high BTU methane, propane, or biomethane to displace diesel fuel requires a conversion kit. The conversion kit consists of a gas train, air-gas mixer, fuel control valve, and a controller.

The gas train requires a low-pressure supply of gas (3–5 psi). A primary pressure regulator can regulate high- pressure supplies to keep inlet pressure below the 5 psi upper limit. A zero pressure regulator detects changes in engine vacuum through the mixer to maintain approximately atmospheric pressure and prevent over-fueling.

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Optiblend was developed using pipeline natural gas and syngas. It has also been used with propane, LNG, and biogas.

Another installation complete …

A 500kW MTU for a senior living community in Utah.

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