Bi Fuel Equipment : Diesel – Natural Gas Mixer

A natural gas mixer is one of three major bi-fuel equipment components that deliver dependable power in a wide range of applications without unnecessary engine wear. A proprietary air-gas mixer (AGM), fuel control valve (FCV) and programmable logic control (PLC) unit work together to ensure proper mix, intake, and performance even with variances in fuel type — responding to engine load shifts with lightning speed.

bi-fuel equipment oil and gas drilling generator

With outages and power losses in remote upstream locations expensive at best and dangerous at worst, more oil and gas operators are reexamining their reliance on diesel-only equipment and generators. Being able to safely run on two fuels stretches diesel supply and allows for longer runtime for vital backup and/or primary generators. Bi-fuel conversion kits have proven themselves in harsh environments for safety, efficiency, and operational savings — all while reducing CO2 emissions by 11% and NOx by 18%.

Bi Fuel Diesel Power Generators for Disaster Response

Proper disaster response and preparedness means hospitals and other care facilities need reliable backup power. Generators and diesel equipment can provide even more redundancy with the advance of bi-fuel conversion kits that work with existing hardware. OptiBlend® systems allow healthcare facilities under operational duress (storms, outages) to stretch a formerly diesel-dependent generator’s runtime.

bi-fuel equipment manufacturers and dealerships

Converting single-speed diesel engines to bi-fuel reduces emissions and delivers ROI by saving money with the option of on-the-fly switchover to more affordable fuels like natural gas. Owners of factory products from diesel equipment manufacturers are sometimes hesitant to make the switch, concerned about voiding a warranty with modifications or damaging expensive equipment. OptiBlend® conversion kits require no modification to the core engine or its diesel components, and have been proven safe with heavy use in the field with makers such as Caterpillar®, Cummins®, Kohler®, MTU®, John Deere®, Mitsubishi®, and more.

bi-fuel gas train diesel equipment installation

A zero pressure gas train (using induction rather than positive pressure in order to avoid engine damage) is critical to ensuring both safety and optimal substitution rates. An air-gas mixer (just downstream of the engine’s stock air filter), fuel control valve, and programmable logic control are the main components of a bi-fuel conversion kit. When custom-fit for an engine and particular application, components ensure flawless switchover between fuel types and function well through heavy vibration, ambient temperature extremes, and long runtimes.

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Optiblend was developed using pipeline natural gas and syngas. It has also been used with propane, LNG, and biogas.

A detention center in Houston decided to increase

2 new QSK50 engines running OptiBlend kits will more than double their back up power time

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