Dual Fuel Engine : Diesel – Natural Gas Conversion Kit

Single-speed diesel engines are the perfect candidate for an Optiblend® dual fuel conversion kit. Blending a secondary fuel source such as natural gas with diesel reduces fuel costs, extends runtime, and lowers CO2, PM and NOx emissions. A dual fuel engine conversion kit regulates the intake of the gaseous fuel and monitors engine temperature, rpm, and vibration to ensure the secondary fuel does not damage the engine or negatively impact the performance of the engine. Optiblend® has installed kits on Caterpillar®, Cummins®, Kohler®, MTU, John Deere®, Mitsubishi®, and many other diesel engines.

dual fuel engine oil and gas caterpillar

Single- and variable- speed diesel engines are used to power drilling and pumping operations for the oil and gas industry. The scattered and remote locations of most drilling sites require mobile equipment with self-contained power to establish a pumping station. Most oil and gas wells have onsite wellhead gas available, but it typically goes unused. Installing a secondary fuel mixing system that blends this gas with diesel results in extended run time for the operation, reducing the need for frequent diesel resupply. Drilling and pumping costs are reduced, and CO2, NOx, and PM emissions are reduced as well.

bi-fuel diesel generator disaster response, relief and recovery

A single-speed diesel engine is typically the power plant for mobile higher-output electric generators. These are the same power generators used by first responders, emergency medical stations, temporary housing, utility and road repair crews, and many other essential services following a natural disaster. Cleanup efforts from hurricanes and flooding usually require evacuation of water from low lying areas across hundreds of miles. Power to cold storage units must be extended to keep food and medical supplies from spoiling. Critical hospital support must stay online. Generators equipped with dual fuel can run on gas or gas and diesel, extending run time allowing first responders to focus on the task at hand.

dual fuel engine dealerships

Your single speed diesel engine likely powers a generator or a critical piece of production equipment. Installing a dual fuel kit onto your diesel engine can displace as much as 70% of the diesel to produce the same output. ROI can take as little as 3 months. Caterpillar®, Cummins®, Kohler®, MTU, John Deere®, and Mitsubishi® dealers have recommended Optiblend® dual fuel conversion kits to their customers.

dual fuel engine gas train

Adding a second fuel source such as natural gas to your diesel engine requires a conversion kit. A diesel engine dual fuel conversion kit consists of a gas train, air gas mixer, fuel control valve and a controller.

The gas train intakes a low pressure (3–5 psi) supply of natural gas, propane, or methane gas and feeds it to an air-gas mixer. A zero pressure regulator detects changes in engine vacuum through the mixer to maintain approximately atmospheric pressure and prevent over-fueling.

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