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Bi Fuel : Diesel – Natural Gas

bi-fuel dual fuel diesel

bi-fuel dual fuel diesel

Dual Fuel / Bi Fuel : Diesel – Natural Gas

Natural gas conversion kits are installed without any modifications to the engine or the diesel fuel system. The OptiBlend® bi-fuel kit can be installed without special tools or software. OptiBlend® has developed a closed-loop displacement algorithm embedded in its controller to allow the system to automatically adjust to changing gas composition (BTU value specifically) without needing to recommission the system. Human machine interfaces (HMI) allow pinpoint control of settings, with most issues able to be remedied with phone support and no need for on-site technicians. With minimal maintenance, kits can run in constant use for years — as has been demonstrated with OptiBlend® kits installed on engines from major brands like Caterpillar®, Cummins®, Kohler®, MTU, John Deere®, and Mitsubishi® in a wide range of applications, from healthcare to oil & gas.

The bi-fuel gas train components come in multiple sizes and configurations to accommodate a wide range of engines. The gas train is designed for operating temperatures from -15°C to 60°C (-13°F to 176°F) and an optional cold weather package is available for extremely cold environments. The bi-fuel controller monitors the gas train temperature to maintain safe dual fuel operation.

The gas train is designed to maintain a negative outlet pressure. Gas will only flow while the engine is running, creating an intrinsically safe system, and maintaining a constant gas to air ratio.


OptiBlend® bi-fuel kits can typically be installed in 1-2 days per engine. Since there are no modifications to the engine internals or diesel fuel system, there is very little down time. Each engine is commissioned for optimal gas to air ratio across the operating load range. The commissioning tunes the system for safe bi-fuel operation and maximum diesel displacement.


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